Our Masjid

By on March 25, 2010


The Mission Viejo Masjid is spread over 2 levels of the Park Madero Building:

Suite 101 on the 1st level includes:

  • Men’s Prayer Hall, which has a maximum capacity of 375 people.
  • The rear section of the Men’s Prayer Hall is separated by a curtain to serve as the Sister’s Prayer Area for daily prayers, except Juma’a. There is a separate entrance and set of doors that provides access to Sisters’ Prayer Area from the rear of the building.
  • Separate Restrooms and Wudu Areas for men and women.

Suite 102 on the 1st level includes:

  • Multipurpose Hall, which has a maximum capacity of 275 people.  This hall serves as additional Prayer Area for Men on Juma’a, during Ramadan, or for Eid Prayers. On other days, the hall is used by OCIF for hosting public functions, classes, youth group meetings, and other activities or rented out to for private events.
  • Kitchen Facilities for catering, light cooking, refrigeration, and dishwashing.

Suite 201 on the 2nd floor includes (access via stairs only):

  • OCIF Administration Offices.
  • Imam’s Office
  • Sister’s Prayer Hall, which has a capacity of 150 people.  During weeknights, this hall is used for Quran classes for kids.
  • Library Room for the convenience of sisters with infants/toddlers.
  • Computer Lab
  • Restrooms for men & women (child friendly).

There is no smoking allowed in and around Park Madero Building, which consists of the OCIF Administration Office, Mission Viejo Masjid, Pillars Academy, and Mission Viejo Montessori School.